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For a cybersecurity incident in the state of Massachusetts that violates the law contact the proper authorities.

For matters regarding the creation and/or maintenance of a Massachusetts Written Information Security Program (WISP) or the management of a comprehensive Cybersecurity Program feel free to contact us at info@cyberdefensecontractors.com or (978) 283-3894

WE ARE NOT a legal or government agencyWE ARE NOT a private investigative firm.  It is our objective to assist Small and Medium sized businesses and organizations such that they comply with the law by implementing proper technologies and sound cybersecurity practices.


We create and maintain Massachusetts Written Information Security Programs (WISP) for Small to Medium Enterprises operating in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. We have the advantage of being experts in the understanding of network and computer infrastructure implementations, support, and planning with more than 27 years of hands-on experience in the industry. Our owner and CEO has worked for one of the largest telecommunications companies in the world (Fortune 20). We help to put your company in a position to avoid a breach. WE PUT SECURITY FIRST.

We also provide services that include the patrol of private property, sensitive data transportation, night watchmen, and as a property security analyst.


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* We are not a law firm and do not offer any legal services.


“The Commonwealth of Massachusetts requires, by law, that your business have a Written Information Security Program (WISP) no matter the size of your business.  If you are a business acting as a sole proprioter having just 1 employee or a large company having 200,000 employees you must have a Massachusetts Written Information Security Program”- Cyber Defense Contractors

“The Federal Government may require your business to have a Written Cybersecurity Program, implement a Cybersecurity Framework or maintain a sustainable Cybersecurity Management Program. These Enterprise Risk Management Programs just makes sense. – Cyber Defense Contractors

“Having a complete Cybersecurity Program that involves annual training to your employees is a positive step in protecting your company from a cyber incident or breach and furthers your compliance with state and federal law.” – Cyber Defense Contractors

“1 in 10 URL’s are malicious.  Web attacks were up 56% in 2018.  The average number of websites compromised with formjacking is 4,800.  Enterpise Ransomware is up 12%.  Mobile Ransomware is up 33%.  Supply Chain attacks are up 78%.  48% of malicious email attachments are office documents.  The number of attack groups using destructuve malware is up 25%.”- Symantec, Internet Security Threat Report 2019

“Employees of smaller organizations were more likely to be hit by email threats – including spam, phishing, and email malware – than those in large organizations.” – Symantec, Internet Security Threat Report 2019

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