Under our CISO PROGRAM we create your Written Information Security Program (WISP).  We become your outsourced Cybersecurity team.  We generate and maintain a WISP that ensures you are complying with all Federal and State Cybersecurity guidelines.  We also actively enforce what’s in the WISP by visiting your office from time to time to perform simple audits.  This is typically quick discussions with your employees to guide them on the do’s and don’ts.

Also, as part of our CISO Program, in the event of a data breach we act as the point person when reporting it at the state and federal levels.

Having a WISP and compliance training can spare you from being penalized with hundreds of thousands of dollars of fines.  Not to mention, the harm that comes from the negative publicity.  Once breached you are required to notify every customer, employee and business partner.  This is typically done by letter.

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