Our CYBERSECURITY-ONE service is a drop-in replacement for the devices your small business currently depend on.  It protects you and your business from a breach.  Security and privacy aren’t just baked in as a static configuration.  It’s dynamic. Constantly updating as new threats present themselves.

The Cybersecurity-One service starts with our next generation ROUTER & FIREWALL. It extends to a dedicated connection from your office to ours  via a VPN.

We host a similar set of services that you use every day.  Only ours is without the exposure.  ISP’s provide some of these services to you and are actively gleaning your information.  Information related to your internet searches.  This is used to target you with ads.  Some nation states build profiles of their citizens based off this very same information.  They use the same methods.

Cybersecurity-One provides a unified Cybersecurity and Privacy based infrastructure.  It solves this problem.  The problem of your personal information being exposed.  It won’t be exposed to your ISP.  It won’t be exposed to Google. And it won’t be exposed to whomever is listening on the wire.

For example, unless you manually changed it, your DNS is hosted by your ISP.  DNS translates and tracks the domains your operating system look up.  Those are the websites you visit.  In some cases, this information is monetized and sold.  This allows a business to target their advertising.  Cyber Defense Contractors DNS service eliminates the need for your ISP’s DNS.  We don’t monitor, track or log a single IP address, website visit, or internet search.  If someone wanted to know what you were doing, we’d have nothing to give them.  We also front our DNS servers with a DNS FIREWALL.  This is a service that inspects the website you are visiting.  It prevents you from accessing it if it’s a known malicious site.  The list of malicious sites changes every day.  You’re protected.

We’ve also introduced SECURITY MONITORING as part of our Cybersecurity-One service.  We monitor your devices and network for malicious activity.  We can spot actions that are called Indicators of Compromise (IoC).  These indicators suggest that an actor is actively inside your network.  We work to identify and stop them before any information can be leaked to their servers.  Servers that exist outside your network.

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