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Our Corporate Facebook Policy

It recently came to my attention that someone posted a strange comment on a Facebook post I had created that had the audience set by default as “Friends”. After noticing this comment by this person that I did not recognize as someone I knew I checked the audience for the post and it was, in fact, set as “Friends”. I was left confused because I attempted to click on the name of the person who made the post and the it was not clickable indicating no link actually existed. I then searched her by name and the profile did not come up in the results. Again, I was left confused. I had the impression that someone who was not a “Friend” on my Facebook was somehow able to post a comment and subvert Facebooks security.

Cybersecurity Threat Report for May 14th, 2020

GUARDED: indicates a general risk of increased hacking, virus, or other malicious activity. There are 4 other levels. There’s Low, Elevated, High, and Severe.  From the Center for Internet Security, “The potential exists for malicious cyber activities, but no known exploits have been identified, or known exploits have been identified but no significant impact has occurred.”