Cybersecurity Threat Report for May 19th, 2020

Cyber Threat Report for May 19th, 2020

Data Breach of UK Airline EasyJet


Information is scarce but it is being reported that 9 million customers were impacted by the breach.  ZDNet reports that the data breach was said to be “Highly Sophisticated”.  Without any details of the attack vector or the payload we cannot assume the relative complexity of the attack. It appears that the 9 million breached accounts were limited to emails and travel details.  However, an additional 2,200 credit cards were said to be lifted as part of the breach.  Newsweek and Flight Global who also reported the breach had no further details.


9 million customers




The exfiltration of the emails and travel records of 9 million customers.  As stated, an additional 2,200 credit cards were also lifted in the attack.

Attack Vector


Mitigation Efforts

Also, Unknown

Customer Notification

Notification will take place on or before May 26th.

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