Web Server Cyber-attack

This video gives an idea of how often attacks take place. We see on average approximately 3,600 – 7,200 attacks from different IP addresses every hour. That equates to up to 172,800 a day.

Video: Never Ending Cyber-attacks Against a Server in the Micro-entperise

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What is SSL?

SSL or Secure Sockets Layer is a legacy cryptographic protocol that offers end to end encryption. It acts to provides a level of data integrity and privacy during network communication.

Our Corporate Facebook Policy

It recently came to my attention that someone posted a strange comment on a Facebook post I had created that had the audience set by default as “Friends”. After noticing this comment by this person that I did not recognize as someone I knew I checked the audience for the post and it was, in fact, set as “Friends”. I was left confused because I attempted to click on the name of the person who made the post and the it was not clickable indicating no link actually existed. I then searched her by name and the profile did not come up in the results. Again, I was left confused. I had the impression that someone who was not a “Friend” on my Facebook was somehow able to post a comment and subvert Facebooks security.

Facebook Account Hacked?

Some will fall victim to a hacked Facebook account. We’ve fallen victim before. It’s not too uncommon. Matters are made worse if you no longer have access to your page. It becomes increasingly worse when you no longer have access to the email associated with the account. So how is one best to proceed? Your focus should be on protecting yourself as much as it should be about stopping the cyber-criminal. It’s important to get the incident on file with your local law enforcement agency. Do this immediately. Any actions that this individual takes while having control of your account will be associated directly with you.