March 16, 2020 Mick-Lock

Mic-Lock, Privacy for your Mobile Phone and Laptop

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Mobile phones have become ubiquitous in the information age.  They’re digital devices like any other.  They’re vulnerable to attack by actors.  There’s the potential for monetary gain.  Information alone can be valuable.  We’re all aware that the cameras on our laptops and phones can be hijacked. It’s common to see a laptop with electrical tape covering the camera.  The capability exists and you’ll never know if it’s actively happening to you.  We don’t know how often it happens.  But we know it happens.

Covering your camera is a great step towards privacy. But what about your microphone?  Personally, I’d rather have my camera hijacked. What I say is infinitely more personal than any compromising picture or video. 

There’s a solution.  It’s called Mic-Lock.  Whether it’s a laptop, an iPhone, or an Android device Mic-Lock can physically trick your microphone into thinking it’s in use.  Yet, it’s only listening to dead air. 

It comes in two form factors.  Either with an apple lightning connector or 3.5mm jack.  Simply stated, once the Mic-Lock is connected to your device the microphone is physically turned off.

My first encounter with the product was with my laptop.  I connected the 3.5mm connector into the mic jack and pulled up an audio recording application.  No matter how loud I spoke or how close I got to the microphone it didn’t pick up a hint of sound.  It was as if the mic was physically disconnected from the laptop. 

Mic-Lock created a second product. It has the same name only with an apple lightening connector.  It can be connected to an iPhone with the same results.  The voice recorder app on the phone picked up nothing.  Just dead air.

For those who want to protect themselves from the possibility of eavesdropping get a Mic-Lock.

Rob Cluett

More than 27 years of experience as a motivated IP Network Engineer in the Telecommunications, Information Technology Services, Plastics, Consumer Goods, and Cybersecurity industries. Expansive technical skill set and knowledge of mainstream and leading edge technologies to deliver a broad range of business enhancing technical solutions. Results driven with a focus on continuous improvement and IT process automation.

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